My return to New York

Last night, after traipsing around the Museum of Natural History and Central Park, Laurie and I took the train down to the Village.

It was a good time–an enthusiastic audience and a whole lotta wonderful poems. And my friends Billy and Maureen came–so good to catch up, if only for an hour or two and only part way.

Then we all went to dinner and shared stories of Austen, Paris, Rotterdam, and Patterson.

Countdown 0, Cornelia Street tonight!

In Queens, listening to this El rumble by outside.

I’m thankful for the ride my husband gave me to the airport early, early. I’m thankful to be here and for uneventful flights and the cab that got me here. (Even though the train is half a block away, it isn’t running on weekends.)

I’m thankful for time to spend with my friend Laurie.

I’m thankful my new shoes aren’t killing my feet.

I’m thankful for my chance to read at Cornelia Street tonight.

And I’m blogging with my phone, so we’ll see whether any of this works.

This is the window where I’m staying.

Open the door. Open my heart.

My daughter says…

My daughter tells me about her friend–how he uses Facebook to get the word out about his upcoming spoken word performances.

He creates a new Facebook profile picture and he asks his friends to use it for their profile pictures. The idea is that it starts to show up a lot–and when other friends ask about it, they get a link to the event.

Does this work? Is it annoying?

I don’t know, but my daughter says I should try it, and this seems like a prime time. If you have friends in the New York area, can you help me get the word out? (And help with this experiment? It could be brilliant–or it could be the fastest way to lose Facebook friends ever.)

Here (again) is the picture:

Cornelia Street Cafe, New York

Here is the link:

(In the best interests of the Department of Redundancy Department, I’ve posted a Facebook note, too.)

Countdown to NYC: 2 days
Countdown to The Cornelia Street Café: 3 days