Gratitude in the glorious long days

I’m so thankful the days are getting longer. Bit by bit… And one of these weekends I’ll need to take the lights down.

But this weekend, I’ve had the Bad Cold. I’m thankful it wasn’t the stomach flu again. And I’m thankful for pharmaceuticals. I know I shouldn’t be (and probably shouldn’t take them and shouldn’t support that whole industry), but they enabled me to have a few active moments yesterday and a good sleep last night.

I’m thankful for that good night’s sleep (now that my nose is running again).

And I’m thankful I got to spend time yesterday with friends who were in town for MLA. They had a busy schedule, but they were able to fit in some time for a little lunch at Café Presse and a jaunt to Open Books and then back to The Elliott Bay Book Company for coffee and more books. A great afternoon (sponsored by cold meds).

I’m thankful for morning pages, where I have time to reflect and think through problems and honestly face the scariest parts of my day or myself and the most daunting aspects of any poem I’m trying to write. Some mornings, it’s all blah, blah, blah–but some mornings, I learn things, find new ideas or new directions that can help me and help my poems.

I’m thankful for optimism–and inspiration! With a little blue in the sky this morning.

Open the door. Open my heart.