Gratitude journal, thankful for a new year

The old year ended with a whimper, as “the Christmas flu” caught up with me for New Year’s Eve–all day. I’m hopeful that I’m past it now.

I’m thankful that the whole family seems to be past it. (Can you be thankful and cross your fingers at the same time?)

I’m thankful for my cat–who is often an incredible jerk, doing everything he knows is wrong repeatedly, but yesterday spent the whole day with me, sacked out on the bed in a show of loyalty.

I’m always incredibly thankful for a new year. I love beginnings, fresh starts. Heck, even a Monday gives me that clean slate thrill. But the first day of a year is a doozy. Exciting!

I’m thankful for the time I’ve had off from work, including some time to write.

And looking back, I’m thankful for 2011 and all its new ventures. Now, onward!