Gratitude, snow & gone

I posted a photo of the Italian Garden last Sunday, in our first snowfall.

Here’s what it looked like later this week.

Italian garden under snow

I’m thankful for the snow–the way it changes the world.

Rosemary in the snow

I’m thankful for T.’s account of walking through the snow and White Mountain icing.

And now that it’s melting, I’m thankful for the wet/dry vac Tom brought home from the shop. I’m thankful the roads down the hill are clearing–and we still have power!

I’m thankful for yesterday’s sun so bright I needed my shades! The whole week was supposed to be like today: rain rain rain rain rain. And then a little sun. But yesterday was blue and bright and gorgeous. It was a beautiful day for my second cousin’s Bar Mitvah service.

I’m thankful for him and his journey and for a chance to gather with our family and share in that passage.

Thankful for a poem acceptance this week. This morning, I received two rejections in less than half an hour (wow!), so I keep reminding myself of the acceptance that came on Wednesday.

I’m thankful for the hummingbirds.

I’m thankful for hearing Suzanne Vega on the radio this morning talking about Carson McCullers. Back in 1985, I was reading The Lonely Hunter and Carson McCullers’s stories and novels. And in the early fall of that year, at the Folk City 25th Anniversary concert, I heard Suzanne Vega for the first time. Two big influences in one Sunday morning, before coffee.

2 Replies to “Gratitude, snow & gone”

  1. Joannie, I’m so behind on my blog reading — thank you for the link to my blog!

    And have you seen winter hummingbirds also? I saw two last week — it was such a surprise! And a delight, of course.


  2. I haven’t seen them in a few days. We had to bring our feeder in for a little while. I’m hoping they’ll forgive its brief absence and come back soon.

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