Mea typo

Yes, the woman who rails against inconsistent punctuation and misspellings in poetry submissions has done it. I have done it.

Mea culpa.

In my cold-slackened state, I posted a poem with a misspelling.

Yes, the phrase is in a different language–but really, if I’m going to use other languages in my writing, I need to proof those parts, too. I hope that in my next life I’ll be able to spell this one on the first try.

I discovered the error while typing the poem’s title into the cover letter field for the online submission manager.

“I should probably double-check that…”

I’ll say!

A flurry of deleting the file I’d attached, updating my copy, uploading the corrected copy.

Not until after I clicked submit did I remember I used the same phrase at the end of the poem.

And I thought, “Really, they might not even get to the end of the poem. It’s a long poem.”

I thought,”Really, how likely are they to accept and publish it anyway?”

But then I thought, “Oh, come on–it’s $3, and who wants to have mistakes in front of people?” Or something like that.

I clicked Withdraw–and then the system asked me “Why?”

I fessed up. And started over.

My revised–and, I hope, pristinely correct everywhere–submission is now once again in play, and I’ll return to my regularly scheduled cold.

Do you have any technical tricks or tips for proofing your poems–anything that tricks your eyes into looking at the words new?