Snow day, and thankful the power came back on

Kale under snow
The Italian garden in Winter: Kale under snow. I took this picture early, before the snow began to fall thickly and covered everything completely.

Yes, we have snow! And yes, it’s lovely. Crunch walking, and all the branches limned in white, trees looking fluffy.

Winter pansies in the snow
And some winter pansies...

And the power was out only for about three hours. It wasn’t even dark out, although the light was getting mighty gray. Then just as Tom built a fire in the fireplace,  juice! Light, heat, and an oven–what’s easy to take for granted until it’s gone, even for a little while.

I’m thankful for the chance to read at The Elliott Bay Book Company yesterday, and thankful the reading went well. John had his harmonica and shakers, Stephen had his kids’ megaphone. And we all had poems.

I’m thankful for my book club and another fabulous meeting plus discussion on Saturday. (We’d read The Submission, by Amy Waldman.)

I’m thankful for waking up on Tuesday and hearing a song by Penguin Café Orchestra on the radio. It was a piece I choreographed to back in the ’80s. A tender nostalgia to start the day.

I’m thankful for all the ideas and inspirations, no matter how quick or small. And persistence. I could work on that more, but I am thankful.

Finally I’m thankful that my cold is slowly going away. Good-bye!

And as I look out at the snow glittering under the streetlights, I’m thankful for the City Light workers and shelters and blankets and everyone who works to keep everyone warm.

Open the door. Open my heart.