What about craft?

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Copyblogger posted a list of top 10 creative writing blogs.

This looked like my payoff for reading about copywriting–and translating some of that craft advice to the creative side. A list of blogs for me!

I love craft and reading about craft because I feel like I’ll learn things that can improve my craft and help me write better poems.

I was especially excited to see a blog about writing and deliberate practice. Jackpot!

But the site looks like its less about deliberate practice and more about practice–the kind with daily prompts and instructions. That’s fine–but I was looking for tips on how to use deliberate practice, which means figuring out the practice I specifically need to be doing to improve my craft. (In a perfect world, I’d have a mentor. In this imperfect and yet delirious world, I have me.) Plus, it does seem more geared toward prose.

I looked at a few more blogs, clicking through the posts and not yet smitten.

Then I found this post about fragmentation and stories, which ties into my deliberate practice, my current quest to tell better stories and stories without narrative. It’s reflective–and more of an opening to something new to the writer than a plunge into what works or when it doesn’t. (The answer could easily be that everything has the potential to work and you just need to open yourself up to it. I don’t disagree, but I’m looking for a more substantial inquiry–although I should follow some of the links).

At my first glance, none of these blogs provide the conversation I’m looking for–not enough for the commitment of keeping up with any blog. I’ll keep looking.

What are you looking for in a conversation about craft? Or is it even something you want to talk about?

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