Sunday gratitude: Thankful for so much!

Such a big week that it spills into the week before.

First, congratulations to Kathleen Flenniken on being named Washington State Poet Laureate. So exciting! And she has a book coming out. I’m looking forward to that.

I’m thankful the governor signed marriage equality into law in Washington State! Or I should say !!!!!!!!!!

I’m thankful for my poetry group and the amazing poems those poets bring. I appreciate getting help with my poems, but I also gain so much by hearing other people’s poems and getting a chance to talk about what they’re trying to do, where they’re trying to go, what works, and what can work better. And Thursday was a knock-out night!

I’m thankful that I had a big chunk of time to work on pulling together promotional work for my East Coast trip. I started weeks ago trying to write a press release–and I am not good at this. I can’t believe I used to write catalog copy and ad copy for a living, because now I’m struggling between making it straightforward and wanting it to pop and sing and maybe do a dance. And a hook! I’ve been hunting for a hook! But now I’ve gotten it far enough that I’m gonna ship it.

Finally, I’m really grateful–and still giddy–that Ravenna Press has accepted my next book for publication in 2013. Yes, big grins and gratitude.

Now, it’s time for another week of writing–trying to write. Here’s best wishes for your week ahead.

Open the door. Open my heart.

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  1. Mary Alexandra, thank you for asking. The closest I’ll be to Boston is Brockton, Saturday, March 17, 2-5 PM at the Brockton Public Library:

    Earlier in the week, I’m reading Wednesday in Provincetown and Thursday in West Dennis. And at all three events, I’m reading with Greg Hischak, who is marvelous.

  2. (Just Mary is fine.)

    Thanks for letting me know. Sadly I’ll miss the reading since the public transit schedule to Brockton on a Saturday means I’d either have to leave the reading about 1/2 way through or hang around for another 2 hours after it ends. Sigh.

    I hope it goes well!

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