East Coast book tour wrapup

Really, it was a chance to see good friends I hadn’t seen in years–and give some readings.

Thursday night at O’Shea’s: a warm group–reading with a friend’s friends is almost like reading with friends, and it was a kick-ass open mic.

Then we listened to music.

It was so much fun to be out even though at home I van rarely be pried off my sofa.

Friday was a day off–no reading and driving only to lunch–with a lot of time to try cajoling some new poems into shape.

Saturday, Greg and I caravanned to Brockton where we read at the Brockton Public Library as guests of the Greater Brockton Poetry Society. They have quite a scene going on: a two-hour workshop, an open mic (Saturday several people read poems by Frank Miller, in his memory), and then the featured readers. And my friends Jane and Hsien-Hsin came–all the way from Amherst. I enjoyed getting to read for them.

Greg drove east and I headed west with Jane riding shotgun, which made the drive through late afternoon sunset so much fun. Dinner, wine, how can it get better?

Pancakes! Yesterday we started at the Sugar Shack for pancakes and some of the season’s last maple syrup.

We took the full tour of the Dickinson homestead and the Evergreens (more on that when I have a keyboard) and visited her grave.

You can’t quite see it, but I left a little bee.