Sunny Monday, with Sunday’s gratitude

Intermezzo, 5

Ornamental plum trees pink the street.
Her daughters blossom.

Petals drift across the water, a delicate snow.
But this is not winter.

(from Into the Rumored Spring)


The ornamental plums are blooming!

But more than the blossoms, more than the sun and warmth, I’m thankful for the light. I’m thankful for daylight after work to run errands. Some days, I feel like I can bloom.

I’m thankful for my morning pages. In times of doubt and uncertainty, I need them even more–even if I don’t do them “right” (I type one page on my computer in OneNote). I think they’re helping anyway.

I’m thankful–again, always–for my poetry group and for the chance to share friendship and poems, including a knock-out palindrome poem.

I’m thankful that much of our family was able to gather on Saturday and celebrate my daughter’s birthday–10 days late, but better late than… Spaghetti and meatballs, salad, and lemon ginger cake–with plenty of uplifting conversation (and you know who you are).

I’m thankful for dim sum with my family yesterday morning.

I’m thankful for some time with my daughter yesterday as I drove her back up to Bellingham. A good conversation, and I wasn’t even too tired at the end. (Driving 799 miles around the East Coast must have built up my road endurance.)

Open the door. Open my heart.