And a baker’s dozen: the 13th poetry prompt

Write a love poem to your favorite color.

Or pick any color–pick a color you haven’t thought about in a long time.

I admit that I tend to be pretty boring about color, naming my favorite as blue or pink or gray. (Really, gray–so Pacific Northwest drizzle and Puget Sound.)

But I remember the elation I felt when opening a box of 64 Crayola crayons (or later, a box of Prismacolor pencils). So many brand-new crayons! So many shades, and all of their names! Sky blue, Brick red, Spring green–and then Carmine, Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, Peach!

And why isn’t a baker’s dozen another prompt about food? I don’t know–maybe it’s because even though I’ve been trying to follow this modified paleo diet I still love the idea of walking into a bakery and walking out of it with a bag of something good + something extra. Or maybe it’s because I do know I’ve seen some doozies over the years (as well as an amazing poem written for the number 6). Trying to find them online, however, has been fruitless (downright blue), although I did find this reference to a poem for blue. (If you happen to have that issue of Cranky around, or mad search skills…) And you can always write about orange!

*** Poem fom day 13 (up about a day–and then “poof”, it will be gone) ***


(I wrote this poem to the color yellow. Not convinced it’s a keeper, even as a draft.)