Day 17 poetry prompt: Threading inspiration

Take the first lines from three poems (you can use the same poems that you read for day 15’s prompt) and thread all three lines in your poem (again, take them out when you’re done).

One way is to start with one of the lines, and after a while (or when you might be out of steam), work in another line. It’s true that extracting them can be tricky, but it can also take you in some new places.

*** Poem fom day 17 (up about a day–and then “poof”, it will be gone) ***


Poet: Lynda Hull
Poems and lines:
“Edgemont: The Swans”: Next, the dull silk thwack of an umbrella opening. No, that
“Gateway to Manhattan”: Someone saying it’s almost time for the ambulance.
“Bar Xanadau: A perfect veronica, invisible, scallops air.

(This poem was maybe a little dark, a little self-indulgent. Something to work on. Sigh.)