Five golden… poetry prompt for day 5

Today, we’re taking a break from stories. Let’s make lists, instead.

Write a list of words that have the same vowel sound–beet, feel, seem, leaf. Or heck–go for all-out rhymes. Then write a poem using at least seven of them.

Kelli posted this prompt last year, and I loved it. Days later, I was still making lists: rings, brings, clings, flings, sings, things, wings, wrings, you get the idea.

Or swan, dawn, fawn, pawn, wan, yawn.

And the lines don’t need to rhyme at their ends. Or it’s all too rhyme-y, write a list of words that have the same first two letters: flick, float, flat.

We’re just going for sounds, and patterns of sounds.

Plus, it’s fun to make lists.

*** Poem fom day 5 (up about a day–and then “poof”, it will be gone) ***


(This poem was about sewing, the experience of opening up a new pattern, cutting the fabric, and trying to follow the instructions. It used a lot of “itch” and “at” sounds.)