Gratitude, and a new review

Strawberry blossom

I’m thankful it’s spring–and the strawberries are getting ready to bloom!

Bridge across the Swinomish Channel

I’m grateful to Sharmagne Leland-St. John for including me in her reading and workshop yesterday, and I’m very grateful to Lisa of The Next Chapter bookstore and coffee house in La Connor for hosting us. What a wonderful bookstore! I want to go back. (Hey, I could take a side trip when I’m carting the kid up to college.)

I’m also thankful I had enough time to swing through the La Connor Brewery and see Nancy Crowell’s stunning photographs. If you head up that way, be sure to stop in.

And I’m thankful for these adventures. Years ago on a Saturday morning, I was contemplating going up to the Burning Word festival on Whidbey Island and trying to talk myself out of it because of the driving alone and the taking a ferry. And my husband said, “I’m not going to stop you.” Thank you, Tom. I ventured forth that day–and since then I’ve gone to Santa Fe and Boulder, I’ve flown to Detroit to lead a poetry session in Bowling Green, I’ve driven to Arlington in the dark, I’ve driven 299 miles on the East Coast book tour, and now I spent the day in La Connor. (I did miss Tom, because we usually go there together, but he was down at the winery.) For someone who didn’t like to drive and doesn’t like to leave the house much, I’m having a life!

I’m thankful for this annual April ritual/marathon of Poetry Month, and I’m thankful it’s almost May. Time to step back, wrap up, see what I’ve learned and what I want to do next.

Finally, I’m grateful for this really thoughtful and well-crafted review of Into the Rumored Spring.

Open the door. Open my heart.