Halfway! Day 15 poetry prompt

It’s Sunday and so it isn’t tax day and we’ll save that little madness for tomorrow.

Instead, let’s have some fun.

Read three poems by someone else. Pick a line that you like and use it for your first line. When you’re done, take off that borrowed line.

Why three poems? You can read 23–but the idea is to give yourself enough raw inspiration, enough choices to work with but not so many that it becomes too hard to choose.

I’m going to read three by Lynda Hull–and my challenge is not to go straight to my favorites (“Fiat Lux,” “Chinese New Year,” “Arias, 1971”).

Who’s your poet going to be?

*** Poem fom day 15 (up about a day–and then “poof”, it will be gone) ***


Poet: Lynda Hull
Poem:  Edgemont: The Swans
Line: their soft, laddered clucking & what alien grace, the white weight