NaPoWriMo day 3: Point of view

Let’s build on what we wrote yesterday, with a persona poem.

Write a poem telling yesterday’s fairy tale from the point of view of a casual observer or bit player (one of the mice, Mama bear or Papa bear, the man who sold the first pig straw, etc).

Or make up your own character–a lady in waiting or a crow in a pine.

What’s their point of view, what details do they see, what’s their agenda?

How does the story change? (They might know only one part of it.)

I’m still trying to decide who my teller will be, but here’s an example of a poem written by someone with a different perspective:

The Housekeeper of Hades Picks a Bone

What a fuss they made
over those few seeds–
not one of them thinking
about the wine-bright juice,
how it marked my scrubbed pine.
I rubbed with water and sand,
roughing the grain
beneath the map
of her appetite.
She became a queen,
cool and useless.
Now I milk the sheep,
make a sharp cheese,
launder the clothes,
gather apples,
count grains of rice
like a chest of pearls,
clean the fish,
kill the lamb
for the king’s roast,
the marrow she’ll suck.

Reprinted from Weathered Steps.

*** Poem fom day 3 (up about a day–and then “poof”, it will be gone) ***


(This poem looked at the story of the six swans from the experience of the last brother, the one who ended up with one arm and one wing.)

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for your prompts for NaPoWriMo! I googled prompts, found you and added you to my list. I used your pov/fairytale today…


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