NaPoWriMo prompt for day 7: Be sure to visit

Today’s prompt is to write in the voice of a guidebook. Think Lonely Planet goes poetry.

It’s a chance to take language that’s used for one thing and write about something else completely. My friend Greg Hischak refers to this as co-opting language, and he does this brilliantly. For example, in his poem “Preflight,” he uses the flight attendant safety speech format to talk about poetry. An excerpt:

Grasp the poem firmly before applying it
to the inner child traveling with you

So today, let’s think of traveling outside of our usual syntax and see where a guidebook can take us.

And to recap the week:

Friday: It’s your body
Thursday: Five golden… (sound lists)

Wednesday: What the broom says (more point of view)
Tuesday: Point of view
Monday: Tell me a story
Sunday: Warm-up

*** Poem fom day 7 (up about a day–and then “poof”, it will be gone) ***


(This poem was about the Panic Gardens–inspired by the Butchart Gardens and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and my general state of alarm.)