Welcome to Poetry Month: Prompt for day 1

It’s time for NaPoWriMo, so let’s get to it!

Here’s a warm-up for the month. Start with a word–any word, and keep going. Write a list of words or images. Time yourself for about 3 minutes and write everything down.

Look at your list. Does anything repeat? Circle it. Write a draft using that word or image as many times as possible (you can always edit some of them out).

No repeats? Pick your favorite, and write a draft using it as many times as possible.

True confession: I like doing this warm-up whenever I’m feeling stuck. Sometimes, the words will become images and suddenly I have my first line and I’m writing a poem. And if nothing else, I end up with pages that have words on them, and that feels good.

*** Poem fom day 1 (up about a day–and then “poof”, it will be gone) ***


(This poem began with gingham curtains in a black and white movie–what color would they be? Then it couldn’t decide whether it was happy or cynical.)