Make it easier

For yourself. For your editors.

How many times do I have to remind someone to read the guidelines?

Um, constantly, and that doesn’t make it easier for you.

(So much for the brief rant.)

Honestly, I don’t care if you’re fervent. I don’t care if you’re famous.

When you

a) Send more poems than the guidelines specify

b) Send the poems in a manner not accepted (as in, not the manner specified in the guidelines–yes, it’s a theme)

c) Send a submission to the wrong email address (for example, my personal email address)

you make it harder for me–or any editor–to read your poems.

(Yes, this is awkward when I just posted a call for submissions–but I linked to the guidelines.)

If you want me to care about your poems (and I want to care and I want to be transported by your poems), please care enough to do the very basic (and so much easier in this era of the interwebs) research on a journal’s guidelines and follow them.

Thank you.