Reading and unrejection

cup of caffe latteSaturday, I’m reading with Denise Calvetti Michaels and others. We’ll be reading from poems in Broken Circles–poetry about food to benefit food banks. Let’s get together, share some poems, and help feed people!

If you aren’t at the ocean or sailing the sound or hiking in the mountains, here are the details:

May 26th at 4:30 at T’Latte
37 103rd Ave NE Ste B, Bellevue (Old Bellevue!)

Rejection stinks

No-signIt’s never fun. But what’s worse? Not hearing back at all.

It’s like the zombie side of rejection–the unrejection.

Do you ever encounter this situation? (Or is it just me?)

Five places have had poems for more than a year. I’ve queried a couple, with no response.  A third replied, and suggested I resubmit using the new process (I think my poems might have been lost in the transition), so I’m starting over.

Yeah, people are busy, but…

I’ve had poems at a couple of places for more than two years. One was going to start reading again after the first year, but now the seasons have turned full circle. I queried the other but again didn’t hear back.

Yeah, this sounds like a lot of whining, but…

I could just cross them off the list and send the poems out somewhere else, but I have had people contact me after more than a year to accept a poem (and in one case, after more than two years and the poem had already been accepted by somewhere else and it was sticky).

What do you do when your poems sit in someone’s stack for more than 12 months? How do you query? Do you ever hear back?