Sunday gratitude, with video music

I’m thankful for my sister! Today’s her birthday. Is it impolite to list an age? She’s younger than I am, but not by much. I’m thankful for her friendship, fun, and inspiration as we both grow older.

I’m also thankful for my mom and being able to have lunch with her on Wednesday and then go grocery shopping together. I don’t know why, but it was a hoot to wander the QFC aisles with her.

I’m thankful for good weather on Friday’s drive up to Bellingham and back–especially since it took two and a half hours on the way up. But I had sunshine and NPR.

I’m thankful for all the poetry at yesterday’s Broken Circles reading at the T’Latte coffee shop. I really appreciated the opportunity to participate–it was good to hear all the poems and to see the big bags of food brought for Northwest Harvest. And it was even warm enough for an iced latte.

On the way home, NPR introduced me to the Lumineers.

That led to a music-listening session this afternoon with my daughter, moving on to Mumford & sons, Mason Jennings (Raindrops on the Kitchen Floor), Matt Corby, and then Sam Lachow. I admit that this video’s edginess makes me feel edgy (or parent on edge), but the third verse is sweetly poignant (without being too sweet), and it was kind of exciting to see Sam, who used to play soccer with my son, and his brother Charlie, whom I first met before he was born. Everyone’s growing up, and it’s great that they growing up with all this creative energy.

I’m thankful I finally planted my scarlet runner beans. Yeah, it’s pretty late. But this is now a tradition for three years running–kind of a reflective melancholy tradition, but I’m glad they’re in the ground.

I’m thankful for this flash-mob-on-a-Danish-train video that a friend sent. I admit I watched it only once, and it made me cry–but in a good way.

Open the door. Open my ears. Open my heart.