Thanks to my Mom, thanks for the day

bouquet of flowers
Thanks to my Dad for the Mother's Day bouquet, which Gilbert the cat immediately started to eat so we had to lock them in the bathroom.

Thanks to my Mom for giving me her moral support and understanding for more than five decades.

And thanks to my kids for fixing a really delicious brunch for the whole family. I wish I had pictures, but they made frittatas and homemade biscuits and potatoes with sausage and caramelized onions and fruit salad and green salad. That’s a lot of cooking (and cleaning up). And thanks to Tom for helping to get everyone organized and invited.

I’m grateful for these ongoing sunny days. Some solid weeding time and a hedge-trimming (okay, I’m not thankful for the hedge–but I am for the opportunity to hack it back into submission). Time sitting on the deck talking with my daughter this afternoon.

I’m thankful for a couple of nights of good sleep. I still have a lot of wakefulness and worrying–but every good night feels golden.

Retroactively, I’m thankful for my poem “Self-Portrait with Crows” being featured back in April as Poem of the Week on One Poet’s Notes.

And looking ahead, I’m thankful for Mondays. Really, I am. I like a fresh start, and I feel like I get one every week. Onward!

Open the door. Open my heart.