Gratitude for good company, good food, and good Dad time

Strawberry hiding in the foliageI’m thankful for my dad and for the chance to spend some time with him this morning.

I’m thankful for brunch with my dad and with Tom–and for the delicious feast that our younger kids made (the daughter who moved out came home to hang out and make brunch, and I appreciated it deeply, widely, hugely).

We all sat around the big table and talked about the Mariners and politics and books. How great is that?

I’m thankful our oldest son had good bicycle races, and had fun. Here’s an interview!

I’m thankful that the follow-up complications (what I couldn’t talk about before) seem to be resolving. That’s a big one! I still can’t talk about it though, because it isn’t my story.

I’m thankful for the chance to read at the Jack Straw 50th Anniversary marathon and that I was able to sleep until my alarm went off at 5:05 (instead of waking up hours earlier afraid that I wouldn’t wake up) and for the gracious and stalwart folks in the audience at 6:15 on a Saturday morning.

I’m thankful for the smart and hilarious women in my book club–such a restorative evening with wine and just about any topic you can imagine–including the book. And I’m glad that the lamb stew and cactus salad turned out. It’s always nice when an experiment doesn’t flop.

I’m thankful for all the moral support from my sister and sister-in-law this past week.

I’m thankful for the little red bird that flew into my backyard and for the season’s first strawberries, for a scrap of time in the garden this afternoon pulling the many, many weeds.

And I’m thankful for the acceptance that flew into my inbox this afternoon–a nice boost after a frying time.

Now, on to the next week.

Open the door. Open my heart.