Gratitude on a gray Monday

Yes, the week was that full. Some good stuff and some not-so-fun stuff. Let’s start with that:

Last week was a tough time at work–new situations, new challenges and responsibilities. And I often feel like I’m falling down or I can’t catch up. But in my best moments, when I get a chance to step back, I’m able to see how all of this is an opportunity to learn new things–and I’m grateful for that. Keep stepping back…

Now to the good, or more fun, stuff:

I’m thankful for good weather over the weekend and all the people who helped us bottle white wine–nearly 170 cases.

I’m thankful for a fascinating afternoon with the poets yesterday–talk of psychology and playwriting and Brazil (the nation, not the movie). Invigorating.

When I came home, this car was parked in front of my house.

Author license plate

Writing on both sides of the brain? And a cyclist? Who? (I was thankful for the chuckle, and I’d still love a chance to say Hi and talk with the author who’s driving the car.)

And yesterday marked our 14th anniversary in this house. I remember so clearly moving in–out of the old house and into this one in a single day–not packed enough in the morning, many truckloads, our cat Spike  panting as we were stuck in rush hour traffic, racing off to Jamie’s High School Baccalaureate and then coming home to unpack the kitchen and prepare for a graduation and a graduation party the next day (and Spike, having survived the commute, insisted on roaming outside and spent the night stuck in the laurel hedge). Festive times.

Since then, two more children have graduated from high school, and I feel thankful.

Perfectly, kids came for dinner last night and we reveled in a fabulous evening of food and wine and moving-in memories and walking up to the park and climbing up the water tower, complete with a lovely sunset and a lenticular cloud over Mount Rainier. (It looked just like a beret–mais bien sûr!)

I’m thankful for my sister teaching my middle kid to drive–and to parallel park.


Open the door. Open my heart