Gratitude, in the clear

Green tomatoes
The Early Girls star the party in Seattle. I've only got a few green tomatoes so far, but it's exciting!

I’m thankful for this Easter egg blue sky and for summer. Life at its simplest–in a good way.

And I feel a little bad, knowing about the intense heat, humidity, and drought that many others have faced.

But we spent June in the gray drizzle doldrums. I figure I’ve been cold since last September.

Now, it feels good to be outside. I’m thankful I could put in some time weeding this week. The yard’s still a mess–but I know it’s less of a mess. I’m thankful for the weeds, because they give me this great reason to be outside and not doing something else, like scrubbing the bathroom floor.

I’m thankful I also had some time to read and write and revise poems.

Scarlet runner beans
And how about those beans? The scarlet runners are growing!
Roses on the car port roof
Summer brings the killer roses. It encourages them. But look at that sky!

Open the door. Open my heart.