Great gratitude! Where to start?

Tom by the wine barrels, wood in the background; photo by Tim CeleskiHere.

I’m thankful for my husband, who celebrated his birthday on Wednesday–and I’m thankful we could gather together and celebrate his birthday again last night. I’m thankful the sun even put in an appearance so we could sip Champagne on the deck. So good to be together and to feed people–to be able to feed people.

I’m thankful we got the Cloudlift Cellars winery website up yesterday. This was a team effort, but as the writer member of the team, I was sometimes the slowest runner in the relay. (Weakest link doesn’t quite work, and I thought an Olympics allusion would be nice.)

I’m thankful for my book club and Saturday’s glorious annual Poetry on the Deck meeting–complete with poems, Caribbean food, and Disco. A chance to read Roberta Spear’s “Sac-ra-men-to, Cal-i-for-nia” at pretty much the top of my lungs. That felt good.

I’m thankful for an evening with my mom, who treated me to the theatre. It was fun to see a play, but time spent with my mom was by far the best part.

I’m crazy thankful that I heard from my daughter and she’s feeling better and loving her trip.

I admit I’ve been grousing kind of a lot lately–and look at all the things I have to be thankful for. Yep, I need to keep them front and center.

Open the door. Open my heart.