Scandal, and a way to help

I feel like I’m watching a train wreck… in slow motion.

I was so excited when I heard about Jonah Lehrer’s book Imagine. This was what I’d asked for: the brain science behind creativity!

Earlier, I’d read Brain Rules, which was about learning. I asked them about creativity, and they said that it’s pretty much the same. I didn’t believe them. I finally had my aha moment when I realized that both learning and creativity are memory based. In learning, you’re pulling information out of memory. In creating, you’re brain’s juxtaposing different memories (information, experiences) in a new way. But that was just my theory. Now there was a book!


I bought a copy at one of my favorite indy bookstores. I recommended the book to everyone–including my boss’s boss’s boss and my whole team at work.

But then, accusations of misrepresenting, misquoting, the publisher pulling copies from booksellers, a departure from the staff at The New Yorker.


I’m disappointed, and I’m wondering how much–if any–of the science is actually true and represented accurately.

It reminded a teammate of Three Cups of Tea, which is still on sale after allegations of lies and fraud. More scandal. Even diverting donations from building schools to funding book tours.


No book proceeds were used for my East Coast Book Tour (although I’m thankful for all the people who put me up and glad I could purchase my plane ticket with airline miles).

When you buy a copy of Into the Rumored Spring, all the author proceeds go to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

It’s one way to help.