Vacation extravaganza 2012

Last Thursday, we made our annual trip to Lummi Island.

View from the deck
Looking south.

This is what feeds me.

View from the deck
Looking west.

But also the island, the sights that are familiar and changing–in small increments or in giant steps. The people, although we saw fewer folks from our past excursions. It brought up a lot of thoughts and feelings about change.

I brought a package of index cards so I could jot down thoughts or images without spending a huge amount of time writing–because really it’s an anniversary trip so the point is to spend time together, right?

Now I’ll go back and see whether any the writing on those cards still resonates.

Resonance‚Ķ We talked about how different places resonate with different people–like Lummi for us, and like Manzanita, which was our next stop.

We drove from the Whatcom Chief ferry to Seattle, swapped out our clothes, watered the basil, voted, and then drove out to 101 South and down to Manzanita. We traveled from 90-degree heat to a cloud bank. When we first arrived, we couldn’t see the ocean. Eerie.

Late the next morning, the sun burned through the gray and we walked down the beach. I didn’t bring any kind of camera, but it looked mostly like this.

And the rest of the trip looked like this:

<imagine a picture of people sitting around and talking, a little walking and lots of stories and laughter–good times hard to snap in a photograph>

I didn’t get any writing done–which makes me nervous, especially when I’m between poems, between projects, between lives. But it wasn’t about writing, it was about being together.

I’m so thankful for these annual journeys and gatherings–and now I’m taking a day or two to write before our next adventure begins.

Open the door. Open my heart.