Gratitude, flowing

I’m thankful for these 11 years we’ve had since the attacks Sept. 11, 2001–when it seemed like we might have no time left.

I’m thankful the President’s trying to end the wars we started after the attacks. I wish they’d end more quickly. I wish so many lives hadn’t been lost. I wish we’d never started them. I worry about the aftermath, on the ground. But I’m thankful we’re making progress.

I first started the Sunday Gratitude posts because I’m prone to feeling blue on Sundays, to seeing the glass 3/4 empty on Sundays. Taking time to feel thankful is a countermeasure. But lately, it seems on Sundays I’m sometimes too busy, in a good way, to spiral down.

Take today. On a much lighter note, I’m thankful for some fun times pouring wine. Today we were at BLEND.

Me at the table
Me at BLEND, four wines to pour and the party's about to get started.

Tuesday night, we were at Teatro ZinZanni. We poured wine and got to see trapeze artists.

Tom in front of our table
Tom at Teatro ZinZanni.
Joannie at the table of wine
Me at Teatro ZinZanni--in my black slip and a silvery necklace. How often do you get to go out in your slip? (The theme of the evening was "Gangsters in Love," and we got to dress up.)

We’re living kind of a crazy life these days, and it has it’s festive moments.

I’m thankful for the crazy dream I had about working in a bookstore–including a four-hour shift that somehow equaled eight hours and a time card that I wasn’t actually supposed to use and a freight elevator that was controlled by a gang of guys from Shipping. Very entertaining!

I’m thankful for the chance to see my daughter for a tiny bit this afternoon. She was home packing for school, so I didn’t see her much, but it was still good to have her here.

Another action-packed week’s ahead, and on Friday morning I leave for LiTFUSE.

Open the door. Open my heart.