Gratitude, with 256 cases and a day off

Was it really just a week ago that my son turned 22? I’m thankful for him and for our whole wacky family and for that wacky family gathering to celebrate his birthday. What a night of fun!

I’m very thankful for the invitation to read that I received this week.

I’ve been thankful for the gorgeous weather. It’s such a treat to see blue sky.

And I’m thankful we had that warm sunny weather yesterday, when we bottled the Cloudlift Cellars 2010 reds.

Bottles on the filler
The filler--like a carousel.
The filler
The start of the line.
The bottling line
Putting on the capsules and labels.
The bottling line

Usually it’s my job to wipe the bottles between the corker and the spinner (I call it the “capsuler”). But yesterday, I was a floater, which meant I did things like carrying empty boxes and fixing lunch for everyone and washing stuff. The sun and heat made it a great day for washing stuff.

I’m thankful for the people who came and helped, including all three of our kids. It’s always a long day, and it’s intense. But I realized before I left the house yesterday morning that it’s also family time. A busy and tiring family time.

I’m thankful the wine is in bottles now, because crush starts this week.

And I’m so thankful to have this day off today–to rest up from labor on Labor Day. To catch up and read and write. To think about turning into a new “school year”–what projects I might start (or what projects I might finish!), what learning lies ahead.

The day’s half over, so I’d better get crackin’.

Open the door. Open my heart.