Sun day gratitude

I was having a bluesy Sunday–an angry, blue-funk, down-in-the-dumps Sunday. How ridiculous–when the sky’s been blue and the day sunny-gorgeous–a most perfect last day of September. So I took my car to the car wash.

I’m thankful for my car and the car wash. That might sound superficial. I’ve realized that I do a lot less now that I mostly ride the bus instead of driving. Riding the bus is good. Doing less, maybe not so good. Errands have become a chore I dread–but if I get in the car and turn on NPR, I realize it can  be kind of fun. And although sometimes it might be months (a year?) between car washes, I realized today as the soap foamed over the windshield that accomplishing this one thing (which involves no actual activity on my part) makes me feel better.

I’m thankful for a date afternoon of Woodinville wine-tasting–time to relax with my husband and sit outside in the glorious early-autumn sun.

I’m thankful for my early morning times. This past week I managed to get up in time to write my morning pages before I got up–which gave me time to work on poems after I got up. It’s a little trickier now, because  the grapes are in fermentation, which means the reds need to be punched down every 12 hours–and that means we’re leaving the house at 5:45 to drive down to the winery before heading to the gym. I sit on the wooden stairs and try to focus on poems while Tom breaks up the cap on top of the Merlot bins and stirs the skins back into the juice. The wine’s progressing much faster than my poems are, but it’s all process.

I’m thankful for having one of my poems nominated for a Pushcart Prize. That’s a first for me.

I’m thankful for opportunities–upcoming readings, a book table at the gym (should be interesting, and I’ll let you know how it goes), a performance to benefit WHEEL. More on that later. And the chapbook contests–Floating Bridge Press and the Cathlamet Prize.

I’m thankful for an arts week ahead: Not That Funny on Monday (winery schedule allowing) and Dean Young on Tuesday.

And tomorrow begins not only October but National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I’m thankful for the research and the treatment advances that have given so many women back their lives.

I’m thankful for this Sunday Gratitude Journal that makes me stop and remember everything I’m thankful for.

For my friends. For love.

Open the door. Open my heart.

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