Gratitude for family, poetry, a little hill of beans, and maybe even the rain

Today began as another crotchety Sunday–a state I tried to mitigate by going out for a little run, my first since the 5K last week.

And what week it’s been!

I’m thankful for my day at Seattle Athletic Club, getting to talk with people about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Into the Rumored Spring and getting to hear people’s stories. The stories were the best!

I’m thankful for my chance to help with the last crush of 2012. The sun never made an appearance, but it didn’t rain! I’m thankful for the people who helped–we couldn’t have done it without you. And now those grapes are fermenting. (Tom’s back on punch-down schedule, and it could be a really early morning for me tomorrow, too.)

I’m thankful for a surprise day off on Friday! How can you argue with that? It gave me a little more time to prep for the class I was going to teach that afternoon, eased up the schedule pressure a bit. And on Friday, my poem was posted on The Far Field.

And I’m thankful for the chance to have breakfast with my dad on Saturday. It was just the two of us for a nice long talk and then a walk down Queen Anne Avenue.

I’m thankful for my harvest of scarlet runner beans. They’re like my little babies–but this year there might be enough to feed more than a spoonful to one person. (It’s hard to justify the energy used to cook such a small amount, but I think we’ll do better this time.) I brought the beans in to avoid the rain, and I’m hoping they’ll dry out (and not mold up). Immediately, the cat thought they were toys for him, so now the beans are stapled inside a paper bag.

I’m so thankful for the chance to read with Marjorie Manwaring at Elliott Bay yesterday, and for the warm and generous audience. Marge’s poems were at times poignant and at other times hilarious–roll you out of your chair with laughter poems. (Confidential: I was never able to flip inside the Zipper.)

The kind of day when you feel all glowy afterwards…

Finally, I’m thankful for some time to hang out with my daughter today, who was down for the weekend, and her boyfriend. It was a quick visit and kind of mall-y, but we shared the agonies of parking and the delights of smoothies. I was so glad to see her and laugh with her, to hear a little bit about her classes and buy her some groceries to take back to school.

Sunday gratitude helps my perspective.

Open the door. Open my heart.