Writing past that surface

Rose canes and birch branches silhouetted against the skyLooking out the window last night I got this great idea about silhouettes and seeing the surface of things and the black and white, but not being able to write below the poem’s surface. I was going to post about it and I even got a picture, but then Tom came home from his long grape harvest road trip and later I wasn’t able to pick up the thought.

I suspect that seeing below the surface can go a lot of different directions. (I do like to think a lake’s surface or the sound’s–and what world is under there.)

The shape could be a metaphor for something else entirely. Or it could be digging in deeper for the emotional center or result (I think Christopher Howell spoke of the emotional result at LiTFUSE). That’s another kind of jumping off. It’s the hidden aspect of that shape or what it represents that leads you deeper or somewhere else. And all of this is sounding incoherent and obvious at the same time. At least I got to take a picture I like.