Gratitude: an election, learning to walk, and a daughter day

On her Book of Kells blog, Kelli Russell Agodon posts Confession Tuesdays. I think my confessions would be boring, the same transgressions every week. But I’ll confess now that I’ve fallen off my Sunday Gratitude Journal practice. I’m a day late. I missed last week entirely.  In November. What timing.

In this month for thanks, I have much to be grateful for.

I’m thankful for the election results–that President Obama has four more years. I do hope he takes the gloves off this term. And I realize that almost half the voters disagree with that view. I’m hopeful that these next four years can bring everyone healing and progress.

And I’m thankful for 74 Approved! Whew! Marriage equality in our state finally.

I’m thankful the elections are over.

I’m thankful that Tom’s knee is getting better and that he’s forging ahead with the care he needs to give it.

I’m thankful for a good run of the HOME project, for getting to see Deborah Birrane’s dances at tech rehearsal and hearing how the WHEEL poems fit in and for finding my role in all of it. I’m thankful I was able to figure out what I’d say to the audience and to memorize those parts. I’m thankful I was able to walk slowly without wobbling too much. Who knew that I’d have to practice walking so much? Walking and walking, slowly. Practicing placing my weight.

I’m thankful that after spending evenings in a chilly theatre, I have a warm house to come home to.

I’m thankful for getting to have breakfast with my dad on Saturday. I almost didn’t go. I was feeling really grumpy. Then I thought that maybe time with my dad was exactly what I needed–and it was.

I’m thankful for a daughter day yesterday. Really just a couple of hours, but it was worth a whole day. A nice long visit and a chance to hear her stories, tea and then smoothies, driving around. Time just for us. Even the rain couldn’t dampen that.

Open the door. Open my heart.