Poetry, wine, smokin’ hot

Two palms picture
"Two Palms" by Jeff Abshear

Live for your online reading pleasure, the Fall/Winter issue of The Smoking Poet! A beautiful palindrome poem by Martha Vallely. Poems by Miriam Sagan, Michael Jones, and more. Including a poem by Jessica Morey-Collins that references SharePoint. How often do you find SharePoint in a poem?

That’s just the tip of it. You’ll also find fiction, nonfiction, interviews, reviews, and this issue’s A Good Cause (“Why Atheists Are Right”). And a wide range of art by Jeff Abshear.

I mentioned wine, didn’t I? This issue serves up a glimpse of harvest and crush at Cloudlift Cellars, with a bit of reflection on wine and writing.

Our deadline for Spring issue submissions is February 28. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy these pages.

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