Happy New Year!

snowdrop flowersWhether you resolve to __(insert resolution here)__ or you resolve not to resolve, here’s wishing you the best in 2013. And can we call it lucky 2013?

While taking down (most of) the outside lights this afternoon, I saw these little snowdrops hiding behind the giant hydrangea. This picture shows the full bounty of my snowdrops (not many), and so I always feel so happy to stumble across them when they’re blooming. (Some years, I miss them entirely.)

I do make New Year’s resolution–with an emphasis on “resolve” as an ongoing activity (as opposed to, “I broke my resolution so all bets are off”). This year, I had a resolution revelation: I want to be a better mother, a better wife, a better colleague at work–but being doesn’t tell me how. I need the how, I need the doing.

So this morning I sat down and made a list (a fairly long list) of hows–things I can do everyday, or do my best to do everyday, to be better. Plus a few hows for writing better, including reading poetry every day (not just during the work week), bus writes everyday Monday-Friday even when it’s wet and sloppy out or I feel way too cold, going to at least one poetry reading & open mic a month, and choosing one poet a quarter for a deep dive (reading as much as I can–the poems, any essays, all of it). Now I need to find my poet for this first quarter.

Have you made resolutions for this new year? Any good writing ones to share?

Let the year begin!