Sunday gratitude in the dark, gray days

Happy Epiphany! The end of our holiday season–and I always hope to get some great insight, a Eureka! Aha! Epiphany! Or to see the stars. So far, it’s looking pretty gray and cast over.

Gilbert the cat
I’m thankful for quiet moments with the cat.

The Sunday Gratitude Journal started because I often feel out of sorts on Sundays–depressed, anxious, and grumpy about doing housework. Today, my cat stood outside the upstairs bathroom and yelled at me. When I went downstairs, he decided he needed me to hold him. So that’s how I cleaned the basement bathroom–with one hand and a cat on my shoulder.

(Let me mention this cat has been bad lately, the prince of destruction. Some nights, I dread coming home to see what he’s done next.)

I’m thankful for the New Year. I love beginnings. I love fresh starts. For this reason, I even love Mondays. But the New Year is the big dog of beginnings.

I’m thankful I wrote down my New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a pretty long list this year, so I’m trying to look at it often.

I’m thankful I didn’t wound myself worse trying to cut the cap off the rack of lamb. (Although I kind of went into shock and Tom had to finish chopping the herbs and putting them on the meat, the injury wasn’t as serious as I feared.)

I’m thankful my dad is doing better–after a bronchitis or maybe pneumonia scare–and for getting to join him and my sister for breakfast yesterday¬† morning. So much fun.

I’m thankful for email–for hearing from my friend in Switzerland.

I’m thankful for my fluffy pink robe–an extra plus in these cold, dark days and nights.

I’m thankful for ideas. All of them. Storms or swarms of them. Like the scene in Harry Potter with the flying keys. I don’t get that many ideas at the same time–but it might be exhilarating. (It might also be confusing.) And I’m thankful for writing time yesterday.

May the next week bring us more ideas, inspirations and adventures of the happy kind.

Open the door. Open my heart.