Sunday gratitude sneaking in on Monday morning

Little moments of quiet and journaling every morning.

Ideas. My challenge this year: to turn some of those ideas into actions, to see where I can take them, where they will go if given the chance.

My warm house, my warm fluffy pink robe, and warm coffee in the morning. I’ve spent so much time feeling so chilly–fingers white and numb, toes numb.

Such a fun reading at The Station Wednesday night! You can read more about it (and see a couple of pictures) on Martha Silano’s Blue Positive. I’m thankful for getting to be a part of it, and for all the people who spend their time and energy making things happen–and for all the people who come out and support them. I’m thankful to live in such a poetry town.

A sunny, sunny Saturday. I was driving around–which isn’t my favorite. But I got to listen to the radio, which makes it much better.

The craziest, happiest work dream in the last 20 minutes before the alarm went off. Way too much fun, and a good way to start the week.

I’m thankful for hope (that positive attitude) and learning (learning to have a positive attitude).

Open the door. Open my heart.