Sunday gratitude, with Sunday family dinner

This past week, I’ve had work dreams–usually not a good sign, but I’m thankful for these good dreams (the “you go, Girl!” instead of the stressy kind).

I’m so thankful for the David Wagoner reading on Wednesday. Such a treat to hear his poems and his stories–and that wry with. I don’t know whether I’ve ever laughed so much at a poetry reading. It was great!

My thanks go to Meryl Natchez‘s nice comments about my site and for letting me know that some of (a lot of) the links were broken. Easily fixed, and I appreciate the heads-up.

I guess broken links are another kind of typo. And thanks go to Tom for giving me a heads-up on a typo-variety mistake on yesterday’s post. (Oh, those homonyms.)

I’m thankful for the kind, smart, vibrant women in my book club–and for them (gently) forcing me to read books I otherwise wouldn’t. I fret about not having enough time for all the reading, but I fit it in and learn from it.

This past week, I took many moments to be thankful for the times I heard Jack McCarthy perform his poems.

I’ve also been thankful this past week for insights–learning things about myself, what I want, what I haven’t asked for yet, and on the best days learning things about the people around me. I feel like for insight, I have to get a better perspective (take three steps), and then I can start to see it. I might not get any closer to it, but seeing it helps.

And I’m especially thankful for family Sunday dinner tonight, kids plus their sweethearts, for a full (and rambunctious) table. This is the best.

Open the door. Open my heart.