Gratitude, at home

I’m thankful Tom’s knee surgery went well. I’m thankful for the doctors and the nurses and occupational therapists and physical therapists, for the excellent care he received at the hospital. I’m thankful for modern medicine–especially pain medicine. I’m thankful he’s back home. It isn’t easy for him, but I’m grateful to have him home safe.

I’m thankful for any scraps of sleep I got. It wasn’t a good week for sleeping (oh, that worry thing), but I’m thankful for any and all of it.

I’m thankful for the discipline of writing my morning pages. My New Year’s resolutions and Lent resolutions have pretty much fallen by the wayside (although I continue to resolve). But I keep doing my morning pages–such as they are. I write on my computer, not longhand, and I write one OneNote page, not three pages. So I call it journaling, instead. And I do it every morning. Sometimes focused, sometimes not so much. But it’s my good habit, and I’m grateful to have it.

Open the door. Open my heart.