Sunday gratitude, and starting to look like spring

Small pale blue flowersI’m thankful for these spring flowers. I planted them years ago and don’t even remember their name. I think it starts with “A.” (Yeah, I could look it up, but I kind of enjoy the mystery.) I think one day at the nursery I let each of my kids pick out a plant for the garden, and one chose this. I’m thankful for all the crocuses coming up–sudden surprises in the litter of last year’s leaves. Little flowers make me happy the same way that little dogs make me smile.

And sun! Watching the cat loll so happily in the square of sunlight on the carpet. And going to the grocery store this afternoon without a jacket!

I’m thankful for a recent poetry acceptance, my first for 2013.

I’m thankful for the Nick Flynn reading! I always feel inspired by hearing other poets read and hearing any kind of artist talk about their work, how they approach it, what makes them tick. This was a rich evening. I especially appreciated that he talked about starting to write and writing for a couple of years before he knew what shape that writing would take. Maybe he’s just being modest. But that sounds like process! Hearing him made me want to write and write and write.

I’m thankful for finding two poets who are new to me, Sarah Kathryn Moore, and Matthew Nienow. I first heard Sarah’s poems (remember, I don’t get out much) at the Pacifica Literary Review first-launch. I enjoyed the opportunity to read in a club (a first, I think) and to hear the poems–especially Sarah’s. I read Matthew’s poem on The Far Field. Both have poems in the most recent issue of Poetry Northwest (which I was reading in the gym lobby because I’d gone down to the woodworkers’ gallery to pour wine but messed up the times and got there an hour early–whoops! but it was an hour spent well).

At the gallery, I heard (it was a packed house so I couldn’t see) the film honoring Evert Sodergren. I’m thankful for people who devote years to their craft. I’m thankful for people with a sense of humor. People to learn from.

I’m thankful for the bounty of mail on Saturday: Three Artifakta pamphlets from Ravenna Press (which spawned a small school of ideas) and the new Beloit Poetry Journal (BPJ often propels me into poeming mode). The pamphlets made me want to write–they gave me ideas.

I’m thankful for ideas.

I’m thankful for my husband–for being not only my valentine, but my partner every day of the year.

And finally, I’m thankful for one decent night of sleep. Hooray for that!

Open the door. Open my heart.