Sunday gratitude: Islands and wine

Yes, it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted the Sunday Gratitude Journal. Always thankful, but not always online (I could also be thankful for that).

I’m thankful for vacation, a chance to relax, think, breathe.

Even if we started out in the rain, a lava tube seen through the rain.

Hawaii lava tube

By the fresh-saltwater ponds on the Big Island

What Hawaii looks like in good weather.

Palm tree against blue sky

Pond with wind

My birthday was the windiest day (25 mph; what does that portend?).

Waves in Anaeho'omalu bay

What washes up on shore (what the ocean reclaims):

A piece of machinery

Better, what comes up on shore in the windy weather:

Turtles on the beach

and a little romance

Sunset by the hotel

Then, fresh from the islands, we opened the winery all weekend for wine tastings–and chocolate. I’m thankful for all the people who stopped by and shared their time, their stories. (I’m thankful also for Reona’s chocolate–YUM!)

Open the door. Help me to keep it open. Open my heart.