Gratitude in a spring that feels like summer

Oh, these glorious spring days. It’s hard to believe today’s the last day in March, and not sometime mid-May. Yes, I have a little guilt, as this pleasure could be caused by global warming. But I’ll walk to the store and enjoy the weather. And I’m not putting away my sweaters just yet. This is Seattle.

In the meantime, I’m thankful for the sun and the warmth. For the colors and some time in the garden.

tulips not yet opened


And today I heard the ice cream truck.

I’m thankful for friends, and their help.

I’m thankful for a fun family dinner Friday night–good company, good food, wine, laughter. (And the cat behaved.)

I’m thankful for Open Books. How lucky we are to have this wonderful place. Time slows as soon as I walk in the door, and poetry takes center everything. I stopped in Saturday to pick up the copy of Furious Lullaby that I’m giving away in the Big Poetry Giveaway.

eggs with vegetables and a biscuitI’m thankful for breakfast-for-lunch, and eating it outside!

On the way home from Open Books, I felt so hungry I nearly veered off toward Dick’s Drive-in. But I knew that what I really wanted was some cheesy almond biscuits. So when I got home, I managed to talk myself into making some. Lunch was fried eggs with provolone on a bed of spinach, shallots, roasted bell peppers, and mushrooms, with a biscuit–enjoyed in the sun in the back yard.

I’m thankful for some time to write and get ready for poetry month.

I’m thankful for any sleep I get.

I’m thankful for poetry month, and I’m excited to get started on writing a poem a day for the month of April.

Open the door. Open my heart.