Gratitude Journal on a gray day

It’s March in Seattle. Think “mutable.” Sunny. Cloudy. A smattering of rain. More rain, maybe. Wind.

I’m waiting for the March winds to roar.

This afternoon, we were talking about the Pacific Northwest weather, and the nature of gray. For one man, the gray makes a blanket–comforting. For me, it’s sometimes a lid on my head, a lead blanket.

Yet even in the gray, this week I’ve been grateful for every day. It’s all new, and it starts over every 24 hours.

I’ve been thankful for ideas! Always.

I’m thankful for Tom’s most excellent recovery from knee surgery. He’s driving, he’s mobile., it’s wonderful and inspiring.

I’ve been thankful for time–

Time with my Mom and helping her on her adventure moving into a new place.

Time with my Dad, and a trip to the newly reopened bookstore, now called Queen Anne Book Company.

Time connecting with other teachers at Hugo House, and that feeling, however brief, of being part of a community.

Time with friends–book club, poets and runners in Fremont, good food, good company.

A good week. Thank you. And now for the next one.

Open the door. Open my heart.