Poem prompt 10: Start again or start over

Day 10! Congratulations!

Today can be a turning point.

We’ll start another sequence–and you can keep going with the event you chose on day 1, or you can choose an associated event.

If your event was the Northridge Earthquake, is there another earthquake you want to explore–maybe the 1906 San Francisco earthquake? Or the earthquake in Haiti. This option might give you more room to move.

(Room to move is good, because you’ll have prompts for a 10-poem sequence. Why 10? Because The Seattle Review requires submissions to be 10-page poems or excerpts of even longer poems. So let’s do it!)

Take a look at the list of words you made at the beginning, choose 10 as randomly as possible–but include a place. If you don’t have a place in your list, substitute one of the words for a place associated with your event. Write a poem using those words and your word from day 1. (Today’s prompt is adapted from Rita Dove’s Ten Minute Spill exercise in The Practice of Poetry.)

Favorite line

What’s your favorite line from yesterday’s poem?

I struggled–with scientific language, with how to break up a series of steps that would lose all credibility out of order, with flat writing. In the end, I came up with these two:

The core meets the spring air
like a virgin on a blind date.

Here’s to another day of writing.

3 Replies to “Poem prompt 10: Start again or start over”

  1. My narrative would only partially fracture, but I really enjoyed this exercise. (I’m actually having a great time with this sequence of prompts.) Favorite line? Hmm. “immerse yourself to figure things out”, maybe.

  2. I’m glad you’re having fun with the prompts. And thank you so much for posting your favorite lines.

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