Poem prompt 11: Would you go there?

Think about where your event from yesterday’s poem took place. Choose a general location (a country or a region, for example) or a specific destination (a street corner, a room, a stump).

Would you want to go there when it happened? Would you want to go there now? Why? Or Why not?

Or were you there? Have you been there? Did you live there?

Explore your relationship to that place.

Favorite line

My favorite line from yesterday’s poem:

Grief hovers like sky, an ocean reflection

What was your favorite line from the poem you wrote yesterday?

4 Replies to “Poem prompt 11: Would you go there?”

  1. I didn’t manage to finish the whole draft yesterday, I just ran out of oomph. I like what I have so far, I just think it needs more time for exploration. My lines turned out very short, so “through molten darkness” is all I’ve got for a favorite.

    At least I’m still interested in the place from it, so today’s prompt doesn’t seem impossible 🙂

  2. I hope the writing went well. I’m finding that some days I don’t have time to do enough real research–and that to write s decent poem, I need to know a lot more than I do. It looks like that’s what I’ll be doing the rest of the year.

  3. Hi Joannie,
    Thanks for keeping this up. I’ve been writing a poem a day, though haven’t been following your prompts specifically.

    The last one’s on my elementary school reunion and Day 12 is on Marilyn Monroe and the Blacklist. They’re all at my blogspot. I find it easiest to post there and then post the link on Facebook. My site’s on NAPOWR but I’m not sure how to plug in there. I find this discipline amazing. I’m getting to stuff I wouldn’t have touched w/o committing to one-a-day poems. Thanks again, Esther

  4. Nice poems, Esther. Thanks for posting. I love the title of the reunion poem, and the Norma Jean story is wonderful!

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