Poem prompt 13: Transposition

Look around you.

Pick three objects you see–things you can describe fully. I’m using the term “object” loosely–it could be a cat or a moose. It could be a pond or a fence–but a specific fence.

Now imagine them in the setting of your event.

How do these things fit  in the context of that setting? How are they used? Or what do they do? How do they help define that location?

If they’re modern objects and your event happened in the distant past, think of the closest thing you can. Or, if you’re feeling surreal,  find a way to shift time.

Favorite line

My favorite line from yesterday:

and that sky came from somewhere.

I had another favorite (a couple more–can you have several favorites?), but I’m worried it’s been done before, that my memory’s lifting the image from some probably famous poem:

the wind presses its hand on your back

What do you think? Have you seen that one before?

What was your favorite line from the poem you wrote yesterday?