Poem prompt 15: The black sheep

Today’s prompt comes from “The Black Sheep” in The Practice of Poetry.

Think of someone from your event who was cast out, marginalized–or who left and never came back.

Here, you can explore the “unexpectedly deep emotional and visceral response” to the “perpetrator of the otherwise unforgiveable.” Or maybe your black sheep is a victim, cast out based on perceptions or circumstances.

Explore the emotions evoked by the memory of the act or acts, and the mystery, the silence in that person’s absence.

Listen to the sounds–do they whisper or keen? How do they help tell the story. Do you want to change some of the words or line lengths to match the story and its emotions?

Favorite line

What was your favorite line from the poem you wrote yesterday? Here’s mine:

unseen, song a hard hurt against the air

Happy Monday, and here’s to another week of writing.