Poem prompt 16: From the black sheep

Building on yesterday’s prompt, write a letter poem in the voice of the black sheep. This can be a response to the poem you wrote yesterday, or it can be a letter to anyone else. And it can’t start with the last line from yesterday’s poem, instead of “Dear” or some other salutation.

True confession: Researching yesterday’s poem, I couldn’t find a black sheep. I know they exist–but no names were named. For my first event, I found names, even if the details of their involvement in the event were slim. For this second event, information referenced only the government or the company. So I could make up someone or I could go abstract. I went abstract, which is going to make today’s exercise pretty, um, interesting. (Have you ever received a letter from a concept?)

But we’re more than halfway through the month!

Favorite line

Sometimes, my favorite line isn’t the one I think is most beautiful or best-crafted. I just like what it says. Here’s the one from yesterday:

All the experts slip on different shoes.

What was your favorite line from the poem you wrote yesterday. Will you post it in the comments?

Thoughts go out

Thinking about events and perpetrators, I keep coming back to yesterday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon. I grieve for everyone–and for a world this happens, where people do this. I send out my best, strongest thoughts, a hope for the world healing.

2 Replies to “Poem prompt 16: From the black sheep”

  1. I’m still chugging along, just failing to put in yesterday’s lines daily.

    Since I interpreted yesterday’s prompt to mean what you have down for today’s (favorite line is the opener: “I’m the villain, ok?”) I’m not sure what to do for today’s. I guess think harder to see how yesterday’s applies to my event.

    My drafts for transposed and superimposed turned out pretty terrible (not your fault! Just writing not going well!) but “journey to where” gave me a great poem about the Titanic, even if it doesn’t really relate to my event 🙂

    Thanks for the kind wishes. Everything here is rather crazy, many things still closed and cut off, everyone in shock.

  2. It sounds like you can flip the days, do yesterday’s today. And I wasn’t clear enough about yesterday’s prompt. It was a chance to explore that person’s (black sheep’s) absence, how that absence resonates like a ghost among those remaining–how you (or they) feel about what the person did and how they left. Today’s is a chance for that person to tell his or her side of the story–how they feel about going, their version of what happened and what role they played.

    And I hope today brings some answers. A thin comfort (as if any answer could be enough).

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