Poem prompt 18: Inner argument

This exercise is taken from “Estrangement and Reconciliation” in The Practice of Poetry.

Imagine two or more sides of yourself–or someone associated with your event–as distinct characters, each with reasons to be angry at and to love or need the other sides.

Now pick an aspect of your event, and have an argument about it. Can you resolve the argument? Or does the poem work better if you don’t?

Let’s take a breath

These haven’t been easy. If you’re still with me, or if you’re just dropping by, or if you’re popping in and out–I don’t think these prompts have been easy–not for me. But ambitious. A chance to explore. A start… I’m hoping a good, strong start.

Favorite line

My favorite line from yesterday’s poem:

Leaves breathe like tiny sighs. The smoke lies.

What was your favorite line from the poem you wrote yesterday? Post it in the comments.